Bathroom Barn Doors Are Not Just for Barns Anymore.

Bathroom Barn Door Classic Strap 2

Barn doors are increasingly becoming a popular choice in the interior design concept. Not only does it improve the ambiance of the space, but also it adds a unique texture to the house design. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the trending barn door designs that transform the way you imagine your dream home. Designs & Hardware 1. Sliding Barn Doors: The first thing that anyone thinks of is the private spaces. The DIY sliding barn doors are just the right ones for those cozy spaces. Fit one of these as your bedroom doors and make a seamless isolation of your private space from the rest of the house. The DIY barn doors come with an easy to use barn door track hardware and simple DIY barn door track design that helps you…

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Barn Doors Add a Unique and Charming Look to Your Home

Bathroom Barn Door Brownstone Kit

There is a reason barn doors are everywhere. They’re perfect for adding a unique and charming look to your home as opposed to the standard bifold doors you’ll get from the builder. And with all the various styles and ways to be used, designers love the simple look. That means it’s not just a fad; this trend will be around for awhile. So go ahead and be creative! We’re here to help you along the way as you make a statement in your home that’s hard to beat. In addition to our many styles of barn door hardware, we also offer many varieties of accessories for both wood and glass doors.

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Barn Doors Free Up Space in Tight Quarters

Bathroom Barn Door Manhattan Kit

Finding ways to save space is never an easy venture. With our barn door hardware kit, you’ll be able to mount a door for that rustic look you’ve been wanting. Sliding barn doors function on a rod mounted above the doorway. The barn door lies almost flat along the wall it’s mounted to, leaving a small buffer space to prevent the walls from being scratched or dented. The door is designed to slide easily along this rod to close the room. Lose the inconvenience of traditional doors that open out into cluttered space and take up valuable room with interior sliding barn doors! Bathroom Barn Door Hardware offers a full-line of accessories to compliment your barn door kit.

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Sliding Barn Doors Where Swing Doors Will Not Fit

Bathroom Barn Door Townhouse Hardware Kit

What are sliding barn doors? Rather than hanging in a frame with hinges on the side, barn doors are exactly what they sound like: doors, often wood and oversized, that attach to a track on the wall above the doorway with a sliding mechanism. Interior barn doors are extremely trendy and exquisite, but unlike swing doors this one won’t become outdated anytime soon due to the fact that in addition to being interesting and eye-pleasing, barn doors are incredibly practical. In addition to offering a wide selection of hardware kits, Bathroom Barn Door Hardware also carries accessories perfect for wood and glass doors.

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Some of the Most Ideal Places to Utilize Sliding Barn Doors Inside Your Bathroom.

Bathroom Barn Door Loft 2 Hardware Kit

If you stay up-to-date with fashion and style you are already aware of the sliding barn door taking the architecture would by storm, in the following article we will discuss some of the perfect places for you to use sliding barn doors inside your house, apartment, unit or loft. Often when it comes to our bedrooms, we don’t all have huge rooms, modern living arrangements and cost of living determines just how much space we can have inside our homes. By the time you put a large bed into even a large bedroom you have effectively used up most of the available space. Traditional doors open inwards, which means you have to allow for all of that door swing space. By eliminating the swinging door and installing sliding barn door, you gain back all of…

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